Parquet floors

In order to make the dream about ideal space come true, the designers of the Italian Margaritelli company have designed perfect two-ply parquet. In cooperation with Professor Guilgermo Giordano, the best-known parquet brand – Listone Giordano – came into being thirty years ago. The basic, bearing ply consists of five or seven crisscrossed layers of birch plywood, which in contrast to solid wood, provides for maximum stability and durability. The selection of the finest specially grown tree species for the upper, finishing layer and the final coating with varnish, wax or some special dressings make up the winning combination for the elegance and high quality of the interior. The possibility of choosing everything from the gentle natural nuances of the Canadian maple to the pure elegance of wenge, from the warmth of the precious white oak to the unusual texture of the seductive morado, offers unlimited opportunities for achieving an ideal atmosphere in any space. This parquet is produced in several different sizes and another of its best characteristics is also the possibility of its being laid over the floor heating systems, as well as in kitchens and bathrooms.

Kinds of wood:

  • European: oak, maple, ash, steamed beech, cherry
  • Canadian maple
  • Exotic: Cabreuva Vermelha, Cabreuva KM31, Iroko, Teak, Wenge, Jatoba, Sirari



  • Classico: polished wood surface, so designed as to be finish coated with varnish, wax or oil after laying
  • XPlus: finish coated with eight layers of mat satin varnish highly resistant to wear
  • NaturPlus: finish coated with eight layers of varnish and natural mat appearance, available in two variants: scratched or smooth, depending on the kind of wood used
  • DuralPlus: finish coated with durable, highly resistant, factory-applied varnish, suitable for public buildings and heavy traffic
  • Natif: finish coated with natural oils and wax which emphasise the natural beauty and texture of wood
  • Michelangelo: specific way of finish coating with vegetable oils with which only oak is treated



  • Corona single 70 (total thickness 9.5mm, upper ply 3.5mm, width 70mm, length 350-600mm)
  • Original (total thickness 11mm, upper ply 5mm, width70 mm, length 350-800mm)
  • Maxi (total thickness 14mm, upper ply 5mm, width 90mm, length 490-1200mm)
  • Listone 90 (total thickness 11mm, upper ply 3mm, width 90 mm, length 490-1200mm)
  • Listone 125 (total thickness 14mm, upper ply 5mm, width 125mm, length 800-1500mm)
  • Plank 140 (total thickness 14mm, upper ply 5mm, width 140mm, length 1200-2000mm)
  • Plank 190 (total thickness 16mm, upper ply 5mm, width 190mm, length 1200-2400mm)
  • Plank 230 (total thickness 16mm, upper play 5mm, width 230mm, length 1500-2400mm)


In addition to the best-known Listone Giordano, Margaritelli also produces the Piano, Tabula and Atelier brands.

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