Decorative elements

The products which supplement the visual conception of a wall and follow the wall lining perfectly are the polyurethane, duropolymer and polystyrene decorative elements produced by ORAC of Belgium.  As modern substitutes for gypsum, these materials are strong, durable and suitable for easy fitting. In contrast to gypsum, they cannot be damaged easily and in contrast to wood, they are stable and already prepared for being painted after fitting. Nowadays, three ORAC collections are sufficient for those who are seeking the products which can make any space comfortable, original and dignified, because the product range is a wide and rounded off one.

The Orac Luxxus offers angular and flat battens in classical or modern style, battens for concealed lighting fixtures, battens and arches for niches and openings, architraves and door lintels, door and wall decorating panels, ceiling roses, domes, consoles, frames for fireplaces, niches, pilasters, stanchions and semi-stanchions and wall lamps. These elements are made of expanded polyurethane ready to be painted and they are characterised by strength, precision handiwork, delicate details and style versatility.

The Orac Axxent is more simple and sophisticated and made of duropolymer, which is a strong material ready to be painted. Its elements include angular and flat battens, plinths and architraves. The flat, modern lines of this collection are ideal for modernly equipped interiors.

The Orac Basixx collection offers only the angular battens which are made of high quality and very high density polystyrene and are characterised by handiwork of remarkable precision and sharp edges.

ULTRAMARIN is the distributor of decorative polyurethane, duropolymer and polystyrene elements from: