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About us

ULTRAMARIN is a company that specializes in interior design. The ULTRAMARIN collection consists of world famous brands specializing in the field of interior design. We offer wallpapers of finest silk, flax, reed, quartz and granite; double-layer flooring of noble European and exotic wood species; polyurethane decorative elements of classic and modern design; collection of best elegant and natural fabrics for curtains and upholstery; and cornices (for ceilings and walls), zebra blinds, roller shutters, roman blinds. Cornices and systems may have remote control.

In a pleasant atmosphere of ULTRAMARIN gallery our friendly and professional staff will offer you consulting services and assist in the selection and combination of different materials for satisfaction of final results and client’s wishes and needs. During the interior design process each client will be treated individually; and the appropriate concept can be modern, minimalist, classic, eclectic, retro or rustic – all in line with already existing elements and clients’ requests.

The products of Belgian company ORAC are widely used as decorative elements. They are made of polyurethane and perfectly complement the visual concept of walls and wall coverings being a modern alternative to plaster. This material is strong, durable and easy to install. A wide range of ORAC decorative elements will help to make every room comfortable, stylish and original. Beside angular, flat, ceiling and skirting boards, the collection includes ceiling roses, pilasters, columns, niches, frames, flat arches, panels, consoles, lamps… and everything that would make the space look differently in a very short time.

Decorative fabric plays a big role in creation of comfortable environment, and its texture and volume will transform the ordinary space into a pleasant atmosphere. The collection of ULTRAMARIN gallery offers fabrics of wide palette – from quite and elegant matte or glossy linen, sports coarse cotton and till luxurious and extravagant embroidered silk and soft or smooth plush fabrics… the inspiration is inexhaustible! The selection of the perfect fabric would help in creation of ideal atmosphere in which a customer can feel positive energy, art and author’s mark. Curtains, blinds, draperies, small decorative pillows, covers, bedspeads, lampshades and tablecloth with the elements of fringe and tassels will make the atmosphere cozy and elegant, both in residential and public buildings.

In order to make your dream of an ideal space true the Italian company Margaritelli has invented the perfect dual-layer parquet. Thirty years ago in cooperation with professor Guigliermo Giordano the company created the most known parquet brand – Listone Giordano. We offer you a selection of the specially bred wood species and decoration that sets new standards of durability and natural look, and everything is for the achievement of victory in combination with elegancy and high quality interior.